Global Market Reach

International Experience

CMS Company is currently distributing & supplying over 80 countries including Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and many countries in Middle East. Since the company’s inception, we have evolved and cultivated international relationships with our customers worldwide as good as our national customer base.

80 + countries

Global Reach

Global Reach, Local Care: Unrivaled Pricing, Swift Shipping. Our Worldwide Team and Healthcare Expertise Ensure Quality Products at Your Doorstep, Redefining Supply Chains.


Global Health Logistics

With a dynamic and proficient team spanning the globe, our extensive network of far-reaching shipping lines positions us at the forefront of delivering exceptional value. The synergy of our competent staff and strategic logistics allows us to not only provide competitive pricing but also ensures swift and reliable shipping to every corner of the world.

Beyond revolutionizing supply chains, our rich experience in the healthcare sector serves as a cornerstone in our commitment to excellence. Empowered by our expertise, we go beyond mere transactions – we embark on a mission to deliver quality healthcare products right to the doorstep of those who rely on our services.

This fusion of global reach and healthcare acumen amplifies our impact, making us a trusted partner for both businesses and individuals seeking unparalleled efficiency and quality in every shipment.


We execute the universal distribution with coherence and professionalism which attracts the supply chain partners to approach us. At CMS, we source quality products from verified sources and our team is dedicated to promoting high standards of Good Distribution Practice. We assertively fulfill the customer needs in both the import and export sector.

The import and export laws need to be handled with precision. Our team competently handles the legalities quite efficiently, which ensures that our clients across the globe receive their orders promptly.

The Art of Expertise

Unveiling our remarkable capabilities



With ample space for stocking ambient goods and equipped with walk in cold storage room facility for items that require refrigeration. We can store products in large volumes at highest regulation standards.



Our logistic team renders efficient services to our retail and wholesale customers, providing next day delivery with our Temperature controlled Vans & Trucks. For urgent needs, we even offer same day collection or delivery services.

Regulatory Affairs


Our Team encompasses all the work that is necessary to validate a customer or supplier. Making sure the entire operation follows as per GDP guideline.

Customer Service


Our staff, teamwork, systems, and processes are the foundation of our consistent success. Our exclusive customer service has lent us a loyal customer base.



With high-efficiency levels and professionalism, we have developed and cultivated international relationships with worldwide foreign customers supplying to 80+ countries.