Efficient Solutions by CMS

Efficient Logistics

Efficient Warehouse & Logistics: Our integrated approach seamlessly blends storage, logistics, and wholesale distribution. From industrial chemicals to premium cooking oils and beverages, CMS ensures precision in supply chain management, delivering excellence in every facet of the trading experience.

Modern warehouses

Navigating warehouse intricacies, our logistics excellence extends to wholesale distribution. Specializing in industrial chemicals, cooking oils, beverages, pharmaceutics, cosmetics and FMCG our company optimizes supply chains, ensuring prompt delivery and unparalleled trading satisfaction.


Efficient Logistics: CMS Leading the Way

In the heart of our operations lies a fusion of warehouse efficiency and logistics mastery. CMS orchestrates seamless wholesale distribution, specializing in industrial chemicals, cooking oils, beverages, and pharmaceutics. Our supply chain precision ensures unparalleled trading satisfaction."

Focused on pharmaceutical excellence, we excel in secure, efficient distribution. Navigating complexities, we redefine warehouse and logistics standards. Experience satisfaction as CMS pioneers excellence in diverse sectors.

Elevate your supply chain with CMS—where precision meets diversity, ensuring satisfaction in every logistical dimension.

Pharma Logistics Revolution: CMS

In the nexus of warehouse efficiency and logistical mastery, we excel in pharmaceutical supply chain solutions. Our cutting-edge approach ensures secure storage and timely delivery, setting new standards in the distribution of pharmaceutical products.

CMS stands at the forefront of pharmaceutical logistics, guaranteeing secure and efficient distribution. Our commitment to excellence transforms the supply chain, ensuring prompt and reliable delivery of pharmaceutical products.

Experience a new era in pharmaceutical logistics with us—where innovation and precision redefine supply chain excellence.

The Art of Expertise

Unveiling our remarkable capabilities



With ample space for stocking ambient goods and equipped with walk in cold storage room facility for items that require refrigeration. We can store products in large volumes at highest regulation standards.



Our logistic team renders efficient services to our retail and wholesale customers, providing next day delivery with our Temperature controlled Vans & Trucks. For urgent needs, we even offer same day collection or delivery services.

Regulatory Affairs


Our Team encompasses all the work that is necessary to validate a customer or supplier. Making sure the entire operation follows as per GDP guideline.

Customer Service


Our staff, teamwork, systems, and processes are the foundation of our consistent success. Our exclusive customer service has lent us a loyal customer base.



With high-efficiency levels and professionalism, we have developed and cultivated international relationships with worldwide foreign customers supplying to 80+ countries.