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CMS company aims to enhance worldwide access to life-saving, life-enhancing, and high-quality healthcare products at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Our motto is to gain your trust!


We are at the forefront of Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and FMCG product supply. We source and supply Branded, Generics and Over-the-Counter medicines along with Vitamins, Personal care, Medical devices and wide range of FMCG products across the globe.


About CMS company

Originated in 2012 in Belgium. CMS compnay is established with a mission to help people gain access to life-enhancing products at affordable prices without compromising on quality. We are fortunate to have developed strong and trustworthy relationships with our partners and customers.

We have more than 150 motivated and skilful employees that comprise the Procurement team, Sales team, IT group, Accounts Team, Regulatory Team, Warehouse Operators, Logistic Team & Delivery drivers. Each one of us contributes towards maintaining an excellent customer service level which has laid certain standards of services for the customers to expect from CMS company.

CMS company Since 2012 has been operating with the aim of becoming aninternational goods exporter of the highest caliber. Our mission is to gain a leading position in the market by creating the most reliable and professional Pharmaceutical and FMCG distribution company. We strive to distribute the highest quality products coupled with excellent service for all customers around the world, building a business that is based on trustworthiness, reliability and quality.

Our experience and passion for the industry has been a massive contributor to the successful growth of the company, and as an ambitious business we are always looking for new growth opportunities.